It's About Time

It's About Time

Streamtime is multi-award-winning project management software, designed for the advertising, interactive and creative design industries. In this series we head into the studio with creative agencies to discuss design and inspiration.

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    In the Studio ep 08 - Sons & Co.

    We meet Matt Arnold and Tim Kelleher from Sons & Co. and talk awards, not having a website and why they like to keep it simple.

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    In the Studio ep 07 - For The People

    We meet For The People Co-Founders Damian Borchok, Jason Little & Andy Wright to discuss working with startups, life without client service managers and bringing your own lunch to work.

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    In the Studio ep 06 - Flyn Tracy

    In this episode of Streamtime Radio, we catch up with Flyn Tracy, Industry Program Manager for Tractor, Organiser for CreativeMornings Sydney and Founder and Host of Australian Design Radio. Flyn shares his views on education in the Design industry and why he started the CreativeMornings Sydney chapter and Australian Design Radio.

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    In the Studio ep 05 - Finger Industries

    Kye catches up with Rachael and Marcus from Finger Industries over a G&T and dinner at Grain Store, London with special guest Aaron Green (Streamtime CEO). In this Game of Thrones themed episode they talk about their animation techniques, being a control freak and running a business in the North.

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    In the Studio ep 04 - Floate Design Partners

    Kye chats with the impeccably dressed Ross Floate and Josh Kinal from Floate Design Partners. We discuss their approach to solving problems, working with Clover Moore, meeting Gene Simmons and how Josh loves doing Time-sheets.

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    In the Studio ep 03 - The Company You Keep

    In episode 3 of Streamtime Radio we're in the studio with the delightful Rhys Gorgol, Creative Director at The Company You Keep. We talk about the importance of collaboration, standing behind the value of design and trusting his instinct.

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    In the Studio ep 02 - The Hungry Workshop

    Kye visits the Hungry Workshop in Melbourne and talks with Simon Hipgrave about how they got started, printing with Vegemite and the joys of the letterpress.

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    In the Studio ep 01 - Luke Kellett, Headjam

    The first in our series of interviews with creative agencies who use Streamtime, we chat with Luke Kellett (founder and general nice guy) from Headjam. We talk about their creative process, passions and the Newcastle scene.